• Dedicated Search of Leopard
  • Chances 99%, luck 1% 
  • 2/4 Safaris exclusively in a Gypsy
  • 4-6 persons at a time
  • Experienced Nature Guide

Note: Prior booking mandatory. We run only 2 Gypsies to enhance this experience without disturbing wildlife. And understand wildlife is matter of change. We believe that for best results patience, our 99% effort and your 1% luck will gives fruitful results.

Leopard, (Panthera pardus), also called panther, large cat closely related to the lion, tiger, and jaguar. The name leopard was originally given to the cat now called cheetah—the so-called hunting leopard—which was once thought to be a cross between the lion and the pard. The term pard was eventually replaced by the name leopard.
The leopard varies greatly in size and markings. The average size is 50 to 90 kg (110 to 200 pounds) in weight, 210 cm (84 inches), excluding the 90-cm tail, in length, and 60 to 70 cm in shoulder height. The leopard can, however, grow much larger. The ground colour is typically yellowish above and white below. Dark spots are generally arranged in rosettes over much of the body and are without the central spot characteristic of the coat of the jaguar; the ground colour within the rosettes is sometimes a darker yellow, and the size and spacing of the spots vary greatly. As a result of these differences in pattern, several races of leopard have been named.

Leopard can be seen in any season. Jhilmil is perfect habitat due its grassland matches its colour. The wide numbers of deer at Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserve, ensures the presence of this beautiful carnivorous (Leopard)
A Leopard tour is for wildlife lover who are looking for different experience in Jungle. This is quite area with very less people movement. Thats why the chances of wildlife sighting is much more than other busy wildlife park/centuries. We also take very limited (4-6 only) people at a time. So that guest can experience wildlife in much better way without disturbing the wild activity. You can get 1 or 2 nights package to get the perfect change to see this beautiful wild animal at Jhilmil.

Cost: ₹ 7000 (upto 6 Indian persons) | Includes: Safari, entry ticket, guide. For Foreigners only entry fees difference will be extra payable.
Duration: 3-3:30 Hours


Whatsapp incase of International
Max 6 persons in one Gypsy (Jeep)